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This Is How I Eat (Hint: If It’s Delicious, I’ll Eat It)

Every so often, I get asked a question along the strains of…

“How the heck do YOU eat? You’re all the time posting footage of food on Instagram, but they don’t seem like hen & broccoli to me.

Aren’t health coaches purported to eat ‘clean’?”

So at the moment, I’m going to inform you how I eat.

I’m going to lay the whole lot out. No BS. No pretending. No hiding.

I’ll inform you precisely what I eat, when, and explain the “why” behind all of it.

I’ve included footage, too (cue hashtag #foodporn).

So. I’m going to get right into it.

Here we go.

A Foodie Health Coach’s Food regimen, Revealed

Let’s start with espresso (as a result of who doesn’t like espresso?).

I choose espresso-based drinks like Flat Whites and Lattes.

When deciding on AirBnB's to reside in, Steph and I have two easy requirements: 1. It have to be close to a health club. 2. It have to be close to (good) local coffee outlets. Because fitness. And occasional.

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If I drink regular coffee, half & half is a should. I not often drink straight black. They say it’s an acquired taste, however I apparently haven’t acquired it but. And I don’t assume I ever will.

In my eyes, if a meal doesn’t have protein, it’s not a meal — so you’ll all the time find hen, beef, pork, or seafood on my plate. Ideally pink meat, although.

As far as number of meals go, I often have 2-3 massive meals a day.

I personally am not a fan of small meals because I find myself getting extra hungry throughout the day if I ate extra often.

Eating huge meals keeps me full for a longer time period. I not have the urge to snack. It’s also just extra convenient for me. It’s a superb feeling to have the additional mental capacity because I never really have to worry about food.

I’m at present not monitoring my meals intake with an app like MyFitnessPal, but I do keep aware of my calorie & protein targets day-after-day.

How do I understand how I’m doing with my numbers if I’m not monitoring?

I don’t.

However after years of monitoring my meals, I’ve developed a knack for with the ability to eyeball how much energy (and their macronutrient content) are in certain meals — for probably the most half, at the least.

I’m proud of the place I’m at with my physique and simply need to keep.

If I ever need to begin leaning out, then I’d bust out MyFitnessPal again. I wouldn’t do it day by day. Just some days of the week to ensure that I’m on the right track.

[Sidenote: Do NOT  attempt to track every day. You’ll go insane. Trust me. Three to five days a week is good. What matters most about tracking your food is the awareness aspect of it. It’s a great way to see if you’re over/under-eating.]

Talking of tracking… when I do log my foods, I solely regulate three issues: the calorie, protein, and fat numbers. Energy to make it possible for I’m not over-eating, and protein & fat to ensure that I’m eating enough of them.

I don’t obsess about hitting the numbers (although I admit that I used to). So long as I get near my targets, my physique’s glad.

As for carbs, I merely improve my intake on workout days and reduce it on non-workout days.

I not often drink alcohol, but when I do, I favor arduous cider or stout (Dragon’s Milk, anyone?). If I’m consuming “empty” energy, it’d as properly be value it, right?

I eat out typically. I’m a foodie and travel very steadily, so cooking isn’t all the time an choice.

Will never take this without any consideration ever again. #chipotleislife #NotReallyButThisShitIsGood

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My go-to: Chipotle burrito bowls (don’t do what I do — I load mine up with bitter cream), buffalo hen wings, greek-style hen with greek-style potatoes, and authentic Mexican steak tacos.

I’m also just a very environment friendly one that’d moderately not prepare dinner the whole lot I eat.

Okay, in different words, I’m lazy.

That stated, there are specific tips I comply with when consuming out that permits me to ensure I’m not overeating:

1. As I talked about earlier, my meals are all the time protein-focused. You will by no means see me in a restaurant consuming pasta that doesn’t have meat, or a sandwich with no good quantity of protein. Pizza is the exception. It’s the one factor I’ll eat without protein.

I clearly love BBQ. #FamousDaves #proteinfordays

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2. I solely eat when I’m hungry. If I’m not hungry, I say no to food. I don’t eat simply because it’s “lunch time” or “dinner time”. There’s only “I’m hungry now” time.

3. I eat until I’m full. As a result of I eat relatively massive meals with lean meats, I get full fairly simply. As soon as I do, I put the fork down and save the remaining for later (which becomes my subsequent meal, by the best way).

All this protein-packed pork = $2.80. #NeverLeavingThisPlace #AtLeastForAWhile #ChiangMai #Thailand

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For long drives, I make sure that to have protein bars and beef jerky available.

What do you do when it’s essential to sustain together with your protein consumption whereas on a roadtrip? Have beef jerky available (or on this case, Krave pork jerky I received from Costco). #IIFYM #flexibledieting

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And sour cream & onion Pringles. ‘Cause I <Three Pringles.

With regards to selfmade meals, these are my grocery staples:

Gainz buying, my favourite time of the week. #ProteinOnProteinOnProtein

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  • Purple meat (ground beef, steak, and so on)
  • Fish (salmon, tilapia, canned tuna & sardines, and so on)
  • Hen (breast, rotiserrie, hen wings, and so on)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • Potatoes
  • White rice (I assume brown rice is disgusting)
  • Eggs (a lot of them)
  • Nuts (I like almonds, peanuts, and cashews)
  • Fruits & veggies

The meals above are sometimes very straightforward to organize and don’t require a lot time to prepare dinner.

Salmon, for example, takes less than 10 minutes and all you need is salt and pepper.

No steak, no drawback. #SalmonSteak #TheFishVersion

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Steak? Similar thing.

It's by no means too late for some #steak.

A photograph posted by Slyvon Blanco (@slyvonblanco) on Mar 3, 2014 at 7:49pm PST

Canned tuna and sardines? Takes 30 seconds.

Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are nice “sides” that I embrace in my meals if I have catching as much as do with my protein consumption.

The perfect factor about these staples is that I can have access to them from virtually every a part of the world. Up to now, the grocery shops I went to in Southeast Asia and South America have had all of these meals.

Now let’s speak meal prep.

Right here’s my secret to making it super easy: I all the time buy pre-cooked foods.

What my cart at Costco seems like, every rattling time. #ProteinOnProteinOnProtein

A photo posted by Slyvon Blanco (@slyvonblanco) on Might 18, 2015 at 1:46pm PDT

Keep in mind, I’m lazy.

So ready-to-heat BBQ, rotisserie hen, and frozen vegetables are some of my other staples.

They’re convenient, which saves me plenty of time and mental power.

[Sidenote: Rotisserie chicken is like one of the best things in the world. You can feed a whole family with it for the cost of almost nothing. And for those who don’t have families, well, it’s pretty much a whole day’s worth of food. Maybe two.]

The Meals I DO NOT Embrace In My Weight loss plan

No meals is ever off limits for me.

The same goes for my shoppers.

That being stated, there are two issues I don’t eat:

  1. Meals I dislike (like brown rice lol).
  2. Meals I’m delicate to.

That’s it. Every little thing else is truthful recreation.

I used to remove all types of issues from my weight loss plan when I was making an attempt to lose physique fat, however it sucked huge time. I am a foodie, in any case.

Now I merely hold my calorie & protein targets in thoughts, comply with the 80/20 rule, and eat whatever I need.

What You Can Take Away From This

Four issues I want you to go away with earlier than you go on together with your day:

1. It’s all simply meals.

Don’t let some quack on the web or the media dictate what you’re not allowed to eat.

Meals isn’t the enemy. It’s also not a prize.

If you comply with the fundamentals of vitamin and control your calorie consumption (priority #1), you possibly can eat all of the scrumptious meals on the earth while nonetheless getting/staying in superb form.

Unsure what your calorie targets are? Verify with the VBF calorie & macronutrient calculator.

Don’t let some quack on the internet or the media dictate what you’re not allowed to eat.
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2. I eat whatever I want, not nevertheless a lot I need.

Calories matter.

If I go overboard when it comes to portions with the meals I eat, there’s little question that I’ll placed on fat.

I’m no superhuman. The regulation of thermodynamics applies to me simply the identical as it does to you.

3. Monitor your meals sooner or later in your life.

You need to use an app like MyFitnessPal, or write all the things down with pen & paper.

Either approach, food logging is an effective talent to develop that teaches you lot about your self and your eating habits. You don’t need to do it day by day. Just some days of the week to provide you awareness of how you’re consuming.

Do it for lengthy sufficient, and also you’ll ultimately have the ability to put your weight loss plan on autopilot by simply eyeballing all the things.

4. Keep on with the fundamentals.

As my pal and fellow fitness skilled Erich Bach once stated, “Success lies in the relentless pursuit of the basics”.

Pursue the fundamentals.

Vitamin isn’t rocket science.

Do what already works.