The Instant Pot Recipe Converter

The Instant Pot Recipe Converter

The infamous reign of the instant pot shouldn’t be yet over. Even with the overflow of Instant Pot recipes, there are nonetheless some recipes particular and close to our hearts. Do you want a neater solution to prepare dinner them than how the recipe specifies? Then here’s a submit of learn how to convert any recipe to an Instant Pot recipe – the last word Instant Pot recipe converter!

the instant pot recipe converter

Common Rule for the Instant Pot recipe converter

In the event you bake it, you’ll be able to reduce the time in half.

In case you crockpot it, you’ll be able to reduce the time dramatically. Four hours on high or Eight hours on low usually means 30-40 minutes (30 for beef, and boneless pork and hen recipes and 40 for bone-in hen, pork or frozen meat).

The on the spot pot is actually a homemaker’s greatest pal within the kitchen! It can be utilized in so some ways. Just about any recipe may be converted into an on the spot pot recipe due to how versatile it’s and all the features it has. Take a look at the totally different recipes under!

Essential Notes for Newbies utilizing the Strain Cooker (Guide) Perform on the Instant Pot:

  1. Before cooking ANYTHING beneath strain within the prompt pot, there have to be no less than 1 cup of water/liquid within the backside or it’ll explode (haha not likely), however it will be unable to generate sufficient steam to prepare dinner your food.
  2. Don’t fill the moment pot more than ¾ full. And in the event you do have it that full, do natural release as an alternative of quick release or you’ll have a huge mess in your palms!
  3. Be certain that to truly set the instant pot to “seal” or it won’t come to strain or prepare dinner your meals.

Comply with those three guidelines and you may be golden!

Changing Casserole Recipes

To transform a casserole recipe to an Instant Pot Recipe:

  1. Decide what is going to take the longest to prepare dinner within the on the spot pot from the recipe (often the meat) When you don’t want your grains to be overcooked it’s best to prepare dinner the meat using the “Saute” perform earlier than strain cooking it with different components. Once your meat is cooked, you simply want to determine prepare dinner time based mostly on how long the grain will prepare dinner. See cooking occasions under.
  2. Be sure to have enough water/liquid to prepare dinner the grains (use references under)
  3. Regulate cooking time by including a couple of minutes if there are plenty of additional components
  4. If including cheese, sprinkle on at the end and let it soften on prime. Add dairy after the whole lot is cooked.

Converting Sluggish Cooker Recipes

The sluggish cooker is nice for making meat super tender, however for those who don’t need to wait, the moment pot can provide the similar great leads to means much less time!

Meat Sluggish Cooker Instant Pot (after it comes to strain) Temperature when executed (levels fahrenheit)
Thawed Hen Breasts 3 hours on low 8-10 minutes 165
Frozen Hen Breasts 6 hours on low 10-12 minutes 165
Entire Hen 7-Eight hours low, Three-4 hours  high 20-25 minutes 165
Thawed Hamburger Four-5 hours low 6 minutes 160
Frozen Hamburger Three-4 hours high 25 minutes 160
Beef Roast Eight hours low, 5 hours excessive 25-30 minutes 145
Pork Loin Roast 8-10 hours low, Four-5 hours excessive 55-60 minutes 145

This can be a common information. All the time have a meat thermometer to examine the temp and make sure meat is cooked. Chopping the meat up in smaller pieces will even assist it prepare dinner quicker. It’s also a good suggestion to have the meat in the backside so it will get cooked more.

See Instant Pot’s website for extra cooking occasions

Converting Pasta Recipes

What’s great about  strain cooking pasta is that you simply don’t need a variety of water because all the water is retained inside the moment pot! Relying on the dimensions of the pasta, it takes a longer period of time to prepare dinner it. Generally, you don’t need to fill the instant pot greater than ½ full with dry pasta and you’ll add just sufficient water to cowl the pasta. Add a tablespoon of oil to maintain the pasta from sticking and foaming. Then, use the “Manual” perform, and set the time.  A guide is offered under:

Pasta Sort Time in Instant Pot
Smaller pieces: orzo, alphabet or tubetti 3 minutes
Small to medium: Shells, bow pasta, egg noodles 5 minutes
Medium: Fettuccine, small elbow macaroni, spaghetti 6 minutes
Giant: Rigatoni, penne, rotini, giant elbow macaroni, ziti 7 minutes

Right here is the Source for this info

You’ll be able to easily make one-pot meals (Yay- Much less clean up!) with pasta by including in the additional components, including enough water for the pasta to prepare dinner, and cooking for the fitting time (you might need to add a couple of minutes to the occasions listed above since there shall be other elements cooking as nicely). Take a look at the right way to make on the spot pot spaghetti with meat sauce right here

Converting Rice Recipes

Do you will have a rice cooker? Nicely should you do, you now have two! Because the Instant Pot has a rice perform on it as properly. When you’ve got a heartier rice, resembling brown rice, it is going to take extra water and time to prepare dinner it. Another information is under:

Sort of Rice Ratio of Rice to Water Time in Instant Pot (after it comes to strain)
White 1:1.5 Eight minutes
Brown 1:1.25 22-28 minutes
Jasmine 1:1 4-10 minutes
Basmati 1:1.5 Four-8 minutes

Another yummy one pot meal using rice, immediate pot hen burrito bowls right here

See Instant Pot’s website for more cooking occasions

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit!

Beans can drastically change the time you prepare dinner a dish within the immediate pot relying on whether or not they’re canned, soaked, or dry. If they’re canned, they only have to be warmed up. The soaked and dry variations will take more time, however it should undoubtedly be quicker than cooking on the range! A guide is under.

Sort of Bean/Lentil Time to Prepare dinner – Soaked overnight (minutes) Time to Prepare dinner – Dry (minutes)
Black 10-15 20-25
Great Northern 20-25 25-30
Green Lentils 15-20 N/A
Pink Kidney 20-25 25-30
Navy 20-25 25-30
Pinto 20-25 25-30

Right here’s an excellent on the spot pot chili

See Instant Pot’s website for more cooking occasions

Instant Pot Veggies

Most recent veggies prepare dinner within Four minutes within the on the spot pot. So in case you are combining them with other components, like meat, then you’ll be able to rely on them getting cooked inside the time that the meat is cooking. Typically the veggies turn to mush when they’re cooked with the meat. Some individuals like the veggies to be very delicate or they don’t care too much. If you wish to be sure that they aren’t too mushy, you possibly can prepare dinner the meat first after which add the veggies. An excellent average time to prepare dinner most recent veggies is 2 minutes, 4 minutes for frozen (after strain is reached). Potatoes take longer- 7-9 minutes for entire potatoes You can even steam veggies through the use of a steam basket inside the instant pot. You’ll find one here

See Instant Pot’s website for more cooking occasions

Changing Soup Recipes

Changing a soup recipe is fairly straightforward. In case you have meat, it’s greatest to have the meat pre-cooked (use the saute perform). In case you are including pasta, you possibly can prepare dinner it in the soup liquid and then you possibly can just strain prepare dinner the soup in accordance with how long it’s going to take the pasta to be achieved.

This is such a tasty soup!

Converting Stir Fry Recipes

Making stir fry is tremendous simple in the immediate pot since you possibly can just treat it like a frying pan on the stove. Use the “saute” perform, heat up some oil, and voila! You can also make stir fry in the Instant Pot.

Changing Bread/Cake Recipes

Yes! You’ll be able to bake with the instant pot! You undoubtedly need to make some adjustments when switching from the oven to the instant pot for baking:

First, the instant pot cooks using steam, so your end product goes to be more moist. This can be superb for desserts, but if you would like a crunchy bread, it’s in all probability greatest to use the oven. Though, you need to use the moment pot to assist bread rise and then prepare dinner it in the oven.

Second, you must use a pan which can truly fit within the immediate pot and hold it out of the water. That is where the trivet is useful. You possibly can principally create a bit oven in your prompt pot by including a trivet in the bottom which acts as an oven rack. There are totally different pans/ methods which can be used. Some examples are under.

Third, cooking time. Cooking time will clearly be totally different than utilizing an oven. It is a bit more difficult because the immediate pot modifications temperature whereas coming to strain. You’ll be able to see some common tips for desserts and breads under.

Baking Desserts within the Instant Pot

A typical boxed cake which bakes at 350 degrees in the oven will often take about 30 minutes within the Instant Pot. This will have to be adjusted on your liking. You’ll be able to put a toothpick within the center to see whether it is finished and prepare dinner for longer if needed. You will want to make an aluminum sling to be able to get the cake out when it is executed, however  this trivet with long handles may make that easier that yow will discover here

Instant Pot Boxed Cake

Baking Bread within the Instant Pot

One of many fundamental modifications it’s a must to make when baking bread in the prompt pot is having a pan that may fit inside it, a daily loaf pan won’t due. Individuals have used espresso cans as loaf pans for fast breads. Quick breads which often take around 15 minutes within the oven, are likely to prepare dinner for 20-25 minutes in the on the spot pot. For yeast breads, some have used the “Yogurt” perform for serving to dough rise and then cooking it in the oven. See the recipes under.

Instant Pot Quick Bread utilizing a espresso can

Using the Instant Pot to help dough rise

Recommended Additional Instant Pot Equipment:

-An additional internal pot all the time is useful whenever you need to make multiple dishes directly! Get one right here

– An additional internal sealing ring. It’s greatest to have one for savory and one for candy because the sealing ring tends to absorb the smells from the cooked meals. Discover it here

– A pot lid for utilizing the instant pot as a scorching plate. Discover it right here

-Steaming basket: right here

-Meat thermometer: right here

– Egg rack(Onerous boiled eggs are the perfect in the Instant Pot! The shells simply fall off!): right here

Quiz yourself! Convert this recipe to an immediate pot recipe utilizing the Instant Pot recipe converter:

Cranberry Pasta Recipe


  • 3 Cups pasta (any sort works, however we wish to make this with bowtie or penne with Historic Grains or Wheat Pasta)
  • ½ Cup dried cranberries
  • 2 Radishes, sliced
  • ½ Carrot, grated
  • 1/Four Cup green onions, chopped
  • 3 Tbsps parsley, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp chives, chopped
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • Olive oil to style
  • Salt and pepper to style
  • 1 Orange
  • Leftover Turkey (or hen)

Instructions for Cranberry Pasta Recipe

  • In a pot, convey water to a boil.
  • Add a pinch of salt, the bay leaf and the pasta.
  • Prepare dinner until al dente following the packaging instructions.
  • Drain the water and discard the bay leaf.
  • Switch to an enormous bowl and blend with the remaining elements.
  • Transfer to a serving dish.
  • Garnish with orange slices and squeeze some orange juice on prime if desired.
  • Add salt and pepper to style.
  • Serve and luxuriate in.

Hyperlink to unique submit

Spotlight the world under to see a steered reply:

Similar elements, totally different instructions:

Add the pasta to the Instant Pot, cover with water, add the salt and bay leaf, choose “Manual” and set the time for 7 minutes to prepare dinner the (we’ll say penne) pasta. Do quick release or natural launch. Drain any extra water. Switch to an enormous bowl and mix with the remaining elements. Add salt and pepper to style. Completed!

Congratulations! You at the moment are an Instant Pot Ninja and may deal with any recipe with this Instant Pot recipe converter!

We highly recommend you retain monitor of the recipes you’re modifying and regulate as needed – we might love to listen to what recipes you’ve been capable of convert or ideas you could have. Let us know within the feedback!

The Ultimate Instant Pot Recipe Converter