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Celery Juice FAQ: Testimonials, How To Make & What Functional MDs Actually Think

Celery Juice Influencers


Celery juice is all over the place.

Celery Juice Influencers | Breakfast Criminals

A lot so, that the 2 New York Entire Meals places I’ve gone to up to now two weeks have been out of celery.

“We’re sold out of celery. People buy it in bulk – four, five bunches at a time”, an worker tells me once I ask if there’s a secret celery stash I can get my palms on.

Now that Kim Kardashian is hopping on the development, I may need to seek out an underground celery vendor or critically discover ways to regrow it in a pot. 

Kim Kardashian Celery Juice

Dubbed as “one of the most powerful and healing juices we can drink” by Anthony William, also called Medical Medium, celery juice has been rising in reputation inside the well being and wellness world.

For those who’re on Instagram, there’s little question somebody you comply with has been raving about the advantages of celery juice, making you marvel should you ought to give it a go, too.

Many well-known names inside the wellness business and celebrities are vouching for celery juice and its advantages. Lookup #celeryjuice on Instagram and also you’ll discover over 61,000 posts praising the inexperienced “magic” potion. 

Celery juice is usually seen throughout Instagram tales takeovers over on @breakfastcriminals – many individuals have shared that consuming celery juice is a non-negotiable step of their morning routine. That features Gwyneth Paltrow’s private “body whisperer” Lo Roxburgh and 0 waste activist Stevie Van Horn.

Celery Juice | Breakfast Criminals

What celery juice mornings at BreakfastCriminals HQ Look Like

Why the sudden rise to reputation?

The juice has grow to be successful because of Anthony William and his military of followers, which embrace goop and Pharrell. Whereas the Medical Medium has been preaching about celery juice for the previous 20 years, it’s gained momentum up to now yr because of media and raving evaluations from those that comply with his celery juice protocol. Many declare that consuming celery juice every day reworked their well being and digestion in as little as one week.

On this publish, I’ll share my private expertise with celery juice, testimonials and empirical proof from different common individuals (non-doctors and non-nutritionists), in addition to the knowledge I’ve obtained by doing a survey of practical drugs docs.

I’ll share the way to make celery juice at house (that features Vitamix celery juice!), and share solutions to the most typical celery juice questions based mostly on my analysis.


I’m not a medical skilled. This publish is predicated on my private opinion and analysis, and on no account is medical recommendation. Please seek the advice of a nutritionist or a licensed medical skilled in case you have questions on incorporating celery juice into your routine.

When you’re somebody who wants scientific proof to again your selections, this submit might be not for you. I’ll inform you immediately that on the time of scripting this submit (January 2019), there merely isn’t sufficient analysis to show the advantages of celery juice.

How to make celery juice |

Proper off the bat, listed here are two totally different opinions I obtained from two practical drugs docs when requested to touch upon the follow of consuming celery juice: 

Right here’s what Gaby Safdieh, MD, doctor at Parsley Well being stated:

“Drinking celery juice is safe, but it’s not something I have or would recommend because there simply isn’t enough research to support it. Celery does have antioxidant properties and contains many vitamins, so it’s a good food to incorporate into your diet. Experimental research also shows that celery has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.”

Right here’s an opinion from one other practical drugs skilled and writer of “Ketotarian”, Dr. Will Cole (who’s a current visitor on the Woke & Wired podcast):

“Clinically, as a functional medicine practitioner, I have seen bringing celery juice in to one’s diet make a dramatic improvement in digestion and gut health. All it involved is freshly juicing celery! That simple.”

As an alternative of heading to labs, I’m going to show to empirical proof that I’ve gathered from my group – which occurs to be mind-blowing.

Finally, I invite you to take all opinions and analysis and under consideration, and take heed to your personal physique to make selections on what’s greatest for you.

Celery Juice in Vitamix

What sparked the thought to write down this publish was the response to my Instagram submit about experimenting with celery juice – was astounding. Scroll right down to see the highlights. 

Right here’s what different influencers you might know from Instagram are saying about their expertise with consuming celery juice.

Hannah Bronfman - Celery Juice | Breakfast Criminals

Hannah Bronfman, founding father of HBFIT, swears by consuming celery juice day by day:

“I’ve seen a huge improvement in my digestion when I consume celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. When I first started with celery juice I saw lots of impurities come to the surface of my skin, meaning a lot of the toxins were being purged from the inside out. It was very hard not to pick at my skin (can anyone relate?) but after 2 weeks of my celery juice routine my skin was glowing! I also have seen an increase in my energy –  so much so that I don’t have any cravings for coffee which is almost a little annoying because I love making my lattes now I move my latte ritual to the afternoon.”

Jordan Younger Celery Juice The Balanced Blonde | Breakfast Criminals
Blogger Jordan Youthful, aka @thebalancedblonde:

“The MM celery juice trend is getting a lot of flack in the media. It’s being deemed as a “fad” that “really has no benefits beyond hydration” and truthfully — it makes me unhappy to see as a result of the media completely loves knocking issues it doesn’t perceive. It makes me unhappy as a result of the deep therapeutic celery juice offers is subsequent degree, and one thing that ought to at the least be given an opportunity (everyone seems to be totally different in fact).”

Melissa Wood Health Celery Juice | Breakfast Criminals

Yoga and Pilates instructor and mom Melissa Wooden-Tepperberg of @melissawoodhealth:

“Who knew I’d be having a straight up love affair with celery juice… There were only 3 bunches left on the shelves because there is a legit celery shortage in NYC – people come up to me on the street about this craze… I’ve been drinking celery juice for 6 months now and have noticed such a difference in my morning energy levels -especially now that my placenta pills are gone 😫. My skin glows, my gut health is on point, my postpartum inflammation has gone down tremendously and I just feel so damn good.”

Celery Juice | Breakfast Criminals

These are the advantages I (Ksenia, founding father of @breakfastcriminals) have personally skilled from persistently consuming celery juice within the morning:

  • My pores and skin feels extra hydrated and clean
  • I really feel much less hungry
  • I really feel extra nourished
  • My eyes really feel extra clear
  • I don’t expertise occasional bloating anymore

I really feel general nice once I drink inexperienced juice. However the factor is, shopping for inexperienced juice is dear, making it’s too difficult (you’ve got to have a fridge stocked with greens). On prime of it, I don’t take pleasure in consuming inexperienced juice with out added fruit for sweetness, whereas celery juice tastes simply fantastic by itself. 


Right here’s what a number of the members of Breakfast Criminals group shared about their expertise with celery juice:


“A health coach put me on celery juice back in 2015 before I knew it was from Medical Medium. It was life-changing and healed my gut!” – @katduse


“I have been drinking celery juice for a little over 6 months now and always notice a difference when I have it first thing in the morning — improvements in digestion, more energy, reduced cravings and overall just a lot less inflamed. I am so grateful for the supportive role it has played in my healing journey.” – @the_dreamerie

“The most immediate effect I see is on digestion, you definitely notice the flow😀! And I can attest that it’s probably great for removing toxins as my skin looks much clearer and brighter when on a daily basis!! I have been drinking it first things in the morning, after my lemon water, for almost a year now (except for days when I have to dash to work at 6am 🙃)! I love it!” – @joshi_shilpi


“I’ve been doing it daily for about 7 weeks … I have SIBO and started this on the tail end of treatment and testing negative. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without relapsing!! I haven’t changed anything else, so I attribute it to this practice. It definitely helps one stay regular as well!” – @burnandfirmpilates


“I started doing celery juice a couple of months ago, first thing in the AM on an empty stomach, and it’s the only thing that seems to be helping my migraines. I was getting 10-12 migraines a month and over the last three years I’ve tried everything (eastern and western) and nothing has worked so this seems like a miracle ✨🙏🏻.” – @tarah.smith.evans


“I started juicing straight celery juice after hearing about it a few weeks ago and I will never go back! When I drink it I have so much energy, like wired, but in a good way 😄 and of course it CLEANS you out! My skin is cleaner since starting, my digestion is better, almost no bloating whereas before I was always bloated, it took away my craving for coffee, I literally stopped cold turkey and didn’t have any side-effects and I’ve been drinking coffee for almost 20 years 😁. My brain fog disappeared on day 2 and has not returned, my thinking is crystal clear whereas before it was so foggy. I hate celery, always have, but I will never stop drinking it first thing in the morning, it has literally changed my life. One bulk in my juicer every morning 🙌🏼.” – @wellness_obsessed


“I can personally vouch for celery juice and just how well it can help with IBS. I’ve been dealing with IBS-C flareups for the past 3 years which leaves me bloated, lethargic, and constipated. I have tried a countless amount of things — both prescribed and natural — but nothing has helped me as much as drinking celery juice daily! I started drinking celery juice after hearing how much it had helped my best friend’s grandfather with some of his ailments and seeing it all over my Instagram feed. After drinking it first thing in the morning for a week I was hooked. Within a few days, my stomach was significantly less bloated, I felt like I had more sustained energy, and I was much more regular. I will admit, the taste of the juice was a bit much when I initially started drinking it but I now find myself craving it in the mornings! Celery juice has been a great addition to my morning ritual, and to my health overall.” [email protected]


“Been drinking it for 8 months now… life -changing 🙏🏼.” – @themindfulblonde

“I’ve been doing this every morning for three weeks straight now. I noticed immediately more energy! Mind you I cut out coffee almost three months ago, so being able to notice that difference was nice. Also helps with the💩  .” [email protected]


Celery juice has turn into in style even for many who don’t pay shut consideration to developments within the wellness group. Our editor Ellen’s greatest pal’s granddad, who’s in his late 80’s (and never on Instagram), swears by consuming celery juice day by day. He heard from a member of the family about celery juice decreasing irritation. He had been coping with arthritis and determined to attempt consuming celery juice every day to assist with this. Inside a month his arthritis ache went away and he was capable of cease taking a painkillers day-after-day. It has been virtually half a yr since he’s began consuming celery juice and he says he’s by no means felt higher.

Have I piqued your curiosity but? Okay, let’s dig into celery juice nutrtition, advantages and preparation.

How to make celery juice |


Celery juice incorporates little macronutrients with solely round 1 gram of protein, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and no fats. Nevertheless, celery juice is wealthy nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Celery is wealthy in:

  • Nutritional vitamins A, Okay and C (virtually 16 %)
  • Potassium
  • Antioxidants
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Pure sodium


The advantages of celery juice appear to be infinite. Some it the advantages of celery juice in line with Medical Medium are:

  • Celery juice is alkalizing
  • Celery juice flushes out viruses
  • Celery juice restores digestion
  • Celery juice removes bloat
  • Celery juice heals the intestine
  • Calms down irritation

One of many major advantages of consuming celery juice day by day is best digestion. The juice helps soothe your digestive tract, which then helps lower irritation in your gastrointestinal tract. This implies much less bloating, particularly for these with IBS and Crohn’s. On prime of digestive advantages, celery juice is claimed to be useful for power ranges and immunity. Celery juice can also be recognized to assist scale back cravings for sugary, salty, greasy snacks, which has inadvertently led some who drink celery to shed some pounds. In any case, it helps lower bloating.

If all of that wasn’t sufficient, consuming celery juice may also assist stability your blood strain, is claimed to assist relieve arthritis ache, plus helps with continual sickness. Questioning what else celery juice can do? Check out the Medical Medium’s record of circumstances he believes may benefit from consuming celery juice.  


The pure sodium content material in celery together with the potassium it incorporates helps make it a diuretic, and good for flushing out toxins. Celery can also be a strategy to alkalize your intestine, which helps improve the pH and but once more, rids your physique of poisons.


Celery juice could be consumed every day. You’ll get the utmost advantages of consuming celery juice by consuming it every day.


The Medical Medium states that 16 ounces is the magical quantity with regards to how a lot celery juice we should always drink a day. Unsure for those who can drink 16 ounces? Begin off with consuming solely eight ounces and work your approach up. In response to Dr. Will Cole, useful drugs skilled and writer of the e-book “Ketotarian”, “since celery juice is very cleansing on digestion, it’s best to start slow at 6-8 oz. per day, and work all the way up to 16 oz., depending on your particular digestive sensitivity.”


Celery is on the “dirty dozen” record, which signifies that it’s extremely advisable to purchase it natural. The “Dirty dozen” consists of conventionally grown produce that’s more likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues. Learn extra about it on Environmental Working Group’s web site.


Celery juice has the perfect outcomes when it’s consumed on an empty abdomen. Consuming it very first thing within the morning might help with digesting meals you eat all through the day. Nevertheless, in the event you can’t drink it very first thing within the morning, it’s greatest to drink it round 15-30 minutes earlier than or after consuming.


If celery juice is just too harsh in your abdomen, check out including an apple or a cucumber to the combination whenever you’re juicing your celery. Alternatively, attempt pure cucumber juice – it nonetheless has many advantages like celery juice, nevertheless, it might be extra mild in your digestion.

Functional drugs skilled Dr. Will Cole means that one other nice choice is consuming different inexperienced greens and crops, particularly cilantro and spirulina. Acupuncturist and herbalist Adrianne Oswalt,  LAc., MSTCM, additionally recommends consuming heat lemon water, which is a implausible morning ritual to develop – earlier than you eat another morning drinks.


There are various opinions on this. Whereas including some lemon and an apple might assist with the flavour of celery juice, it might dilute the drinks’ advantages. In accordance with Dr. Will Cole, it’s okay so as to add lemon, lime, ginger and sea salt to your celery juice.

Acupuncturist and herbalist Adrianne Oswalt reminds us that “by adding something else to the celery juice, you are putting in another substance that has its own action and intention, which is fine as long as it is appropriate for what the juice is being consumed for.”


Whereas it’s greatest to drink the juice instantly after juicing, it’s OK to make the night time earlier than. It is strongly recommended to drink your celery juice inside one to 2 days of juicing. Use an hermetic container, like a mason jar, to maintain your celery juice recent within the fridge.


In line with Dr. Will Cole, celery juice is greatest drank very first thing within the morning on an empty abdomen, however after lemon water is ok as properly.


Sure, see under.


Making celery juice doesn’t should be exhausting! Listed here are the three strategies that I exploit.

How to make celery juice - Breakfast Criminals - Men Who Drink Celery Juice

1. Juice It

For greatest outcomes, use a juicer to make celery juice.

Reduce up the quantity of celery relying on how a lot celery juice you need. A big bunch of celery sometimes equals 16 ounces of juice. As soon as your celery is chopped, run the items of celery by way of your juicer (I like to recommend Hurom Sluggish Juicer). When you’ve juiced your whole celery, pour the juice right into a cup and it’s prepared. For 2 individuals, I sometimes use two bunches of celery with peeled ½ lemon. Peel solely the highest layer of the pores and skin, leaving the “meaty” white a part of the pores and skin on because it’s very nutrient dense. Typically we add ½ apple into the combination.

2. Mix it

Once I don’t really feel like cleansing up my juicer or don’t have entry to at least one, I exploit a blender mixed with a nut milk bag or cheesecloth.

Right here’s tips on how to make celery juice in a Vitamix (or one other high-speed blender):

  1. Chop the celery (I exploit about 10 stalks per individual per serving to make about 12ouncesof celery juice)
  2. Place it within the blender
  3. Add slightly little bit of water if desired (for simpler mixing)
  4. Mix till clean

Then, place a nut milk bag over a big bowl, and pour your blended celery by means of. Squeeze the bag nicely till you get all the celery juice out. Discard the pulp.

three. Purchase It

I stay in New York and once I’m on-the-go, I get celery juice at Pressed Juicery, the place you will get 5 bottles of 15-oz.celery juice (with a little bit of lemon juice) for $20. Sadly, this juice isn’t natural. 

I simply came upon that Juice Press now sells natural celery juice in 12-oz.bottles. I can be giving it a attempt quickly!

Know different locations that carry good celery juice? Please let me know in feedback.


In response to acupuncturist and herbalist Adrianne Oswalt, “In some cases with Chinese Medicine it is recommended to drink a cup of celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for a duration of time. This is a common treatment of hypertension. So it is not just a fad, but an actual old and revered dietary/herbal practice.”

Need extra solutions? Enter your e-mail under to obtain solutions to the next questions on January 15:

  1. Is consuming celery juice useful even when don’t comply with different protocols?
  2. Juicing vs mixing – will you get the identical advantages?
  3. Consuming vs juicing celery – what’s the distinction?
  4. Does shopping for bottled celery juice work in addition to making your personal?


Celery Juice | Breakfast Criminals



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