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cajun steak dirty rice, and time to feel proud!

Right here for the cajun steak dirty rice? Bless your soul. The recipe is down the bottom, however first, an apology for the time between posts. I’ve been both:

  • on the pop;
  • in a crisis;
  • in a crisis while on the pop;
  • on my knees;
  • on my knees, drunk, inflicting a disaster; or
  • at a Delight occasion, see above.

But I’m all sorted now. In fact, the other thing gobbling me up is this cookbook of ours. You already know, we’ve acquired a cookbook popping out, with all our new recipes in it, plus a scrumptious spurt of sassiness. Click the banner to pre-order! And keep in mind if all you’re here for is the cajun steak dirty rice, get scrolling!

Whoops. Posted this the other night time, however hit the schedule button relatively than publish. So fake it’s Monday, gained’t you?


I wasn’t going to submit tonight, however I despatched Paul into our bed room an hour in the past to decide one thing up off the floor only to find him fifteen minutes face-down together with his arse within the air. Now you may fairly assume, oh, James, your luck is in, but I need to remind you of 1 salient reality: I’ve been married ten years. The one time Paul places out nowadays is when he’s angling for a shock vacation or needs a couple of minutes mendacity prostrate so he can end his guide. No, the poor guy is all tuckered out because we’ve been down in Birmingham (at this point, I’m considering getting a second job down there, given I’m like a yoyo between the two cities at present) for Delight and I made him drive all the best way down on Saturday and all the best way back as we speak. I’d have driven, nevertheless it’s a Sensible automotive, and truthfully I’d sooner drive a hearse filled with ashen-faced mourners to the flawed funeral than that orange little rustbucket. So we will forgive him his sins, for now, and I’ll continue on my high horse, thank you.

Satisfaction got here out of nowhere for us this yr – we’d been invited down by a great mate and have been umming and aahing (not least as a result of I used to be hungover from Wednesday in Leeds) till we watched a particularly ugly episode of Chernobyl and decided life’s too brief, let’s go. Packed my greatest rainbow knickers (I really ought to wash them, however I’m ready for the Daz Doorstep Problem to make a return simply so I can see Danny Baker blanch once I hand over my barely foldable keks), advised Paul to ebook a lodge and tickets and away we went.

Paul doesn’t journey properly with me on long journeys once I’m the passenger. It’s like having 4 personalities in the automotive:

  • the shrieking me who holds onto the door handles and winces each time we go around a corner like I’m on that rollercoaster from Ultimate Destination three;
  • the shrieking me who sings along to each final music (I choose the music) – Paul’s lately been informed he’s going deaf and truly, I’m not totally convinced that it isn’t a life-style selection he’s made;
  • the shrieking me who litters the bottom of his automotive with crisp packets, coke bottles, no matter I’ve present in my bag, whatever I’ve found in his glovebox (the man has a shocking quantity of baby wipes stashed in his automotive – I’d be frightened, however no-one’s going to strategy a Sensible automotive pulled up in a layby, let’s face it);
  • the shrieking me who reaches over and beeps his horn for him (not a euphemism, see earlier comment) as a result of he’s altogether too polite and frankly a automotive journey for me isn’t complete until I’ve began mentioning lung from screaming at anybody who gets in the best way.

So perceive, the 4 hours it took us to get to Birmingham – nicely, I had a whale of a time, Paul less so. The essential thing is I loved myself.

We checked right into a Premier Inn within the city centre and, after a second or four hours to benefit from the glamour and to pack away the towels, we minced out to meet our pal, who you might recall from an earlier submit. He was straightforward enough to spot, given he’s the epitome of our very best man and nicely, we have been semi-flaring inside 100 yards. What adopted was a terrific amount of consuming, diversions and some delicate peril. It was an incredible night time, though in an awesome example of him never being off, Paul ended up engaged in political debate with two drunk fellas who wouldn’t depart us alone. That’s what I’m informed, I used to be experiencing an X-Information-esque lost period of time within the gents. We parted ways around 2ish and after a quick interlude (truly lasting forty minutes) the place I sat and chatted with a homeless fella who provided to show me his leg ulcer, went to mattress. Sunday was better nonetheless – back out and on it, this time joined by Andy’s long-suffering but pretty girlfriend, a superb pal from Fb, Paul II and his husband and two of Andy’s buddies. Another nice night time! To share details can be lurid but there have been some fabulous twists and turns and fun was had by all. One of the best kiss of the night time wore lipstick.

But that’s not why I’m writing. I’ve touched on the significance of Satisfaction many occasions over – together with this fabulous article – and all these things stand. However what did strike me, as we wandered around, was how joyful everyone was. Bar one overweening queen who seemed my husband up and down and did the ‘yes, I know who you are’ gambit, there was not a blot of hassle. We reside in a rustic that is turning into more and more fractured, and for the primary time in my complete life I’m frightened about the place the rights for LGBT+ people are going – you’ve obtained ministers supporting the banning of tolerance educating in faculties, an American president who sits proudly with the bigoted bastard in control of Brazil and, extra so, the far proper given a voice that is still unchallenged. All this for one thing as immutable as eye colour or the dimensions of your ft. It’s straightforward to sit on the surface wanting in when you have got the posh of not being the one getting seemed down on, however we’d like Delight more than ever. Sure, it’s overly business, yeah there’s something arguably cynical about HSBC and Argos altering their emblem to a rainbow, but rattling, it’s all the time a pleasure to see so many people having a superb time with none second thoughts. Even nicer to see a lot of families bringing their youngsters along and displaying them a world filled with color, and doubly more necessary when there’s protests outdoors from ‘caring parents’ who ‘don’t want their youngsters to see deviant behaviour’. Pfft. My mother was incredibly supportive of all my fabulousness growing up and I turned out good, right? Good day?

As an addendum, given with the miracle of time-travel (i.e. the advantage of forgetting to submit for every week), we’ve also simply returned from Northumberland Satisfaction, which is like Birmingham Delight however accomplished on a finances befitting a much smaller enterprise. Brum had Faithless, we had Lorraine Crosby (star of 1993’s hit single I Would Do Something For Love, However I Gained’t Do That) (that being buying and selling on past glories) (I’m kidding, she’s great). Brum had a pub filled with bears and an angle filled with sin, Northumberland Delight had a cake stand and some hashtags. However it was smashing, truly, partly because I obtained drunk and didn’t manage to make a fool of myself, partly as a result of we each took full benefit of all of the caterers. We even camped in a single day, breaking Paul’s tenting cherry and additionally his decrease back. He’s such a diva, truthfully. When you can’t get snug on a single deflating £14.99 airbed from Argos while yesterday’s sweat and spittle drips in your face, you then just aren’t making an attempt.

Help your Prides, individuals. Go out and have a tremendous time. In the event you’re frightened about your husband not feeling snug with all that rampant homosexuality, don’t fret, I’ll take care of him. We will add one other S-fluid onto the tent of goals.

Proper, all that schmaltz aside, we could get to the recipe in hand? Cajun steak dirty rice! Straightforward to make and will certainly get you some motion when you serve it in your greatest lingerie. Apologies for the photographs – we took them outdoors at midnight, so had to artificially lighten them.

cajun steak dirty ricecajun steak dirty ricecajun steak dirty rice

cajun steak dirty rice

Prep 10 mins

Prepare dinner 20 mins

Complete 30 mins

Writer twochubbycubs

Yield 4 servings

An absolute basic, why? Because it’s so rattling good! Piece of piss too, and everyone loves it. A simple method to sneak some veg into your youngsters if they’re that kind. Just a little bit of prep is required nevertheless it’s all value it. This works nice on its own and even as a aspect. Have it for breakfast for all I care.


  • 200g long-grain rice
  • 400g steak
  • four bacon medallions, diced
  • ½ pink, yellow and green pepper, finely diced
  • 1 carrot, finely diced
  • ½ onion, diced
  • 6 mushrooms, diced
  • 2 spring onions, finely sliced
  • 1 beef inventory cube
  • 2 tsp cajun seasoning
  • 1 tsp worcestershire sauce (optionally available)


  • prepare dinner the rice in accordance to the instructions, and set aside
  • spray a large frying pan with some oil over a medium-high warmth and slap in your steak
  • prepare dinner the steak to your liking, remove from the pan onto a plate and depart to relaxation
  • wipe out the pan and add a bit extra oil and place back over the warmth
  • add the bacon and onion and prepare dinner until the bacon is completed
  • stir within the cajun seasoning along with the worcestershire sauce (if using)
  • dissolve the stock cube in 200ml of boiling water and maintain apart
  • chuck the peppers, carrots and mushrooms along with the inventory and give a superb stir – prepare dinner till a lot of the liquid has evaporated
  • as soon as a lot of the liquid has evaporate throw in the rice and stir till properly combined and warmed via
  • cube the steak and stir into the mixture
  • serve and sprinkle over the spring onions


  • You don’t need fancy or costly steak for this, any will do
  • In case you can’t be arsed to prepare dinner rice just use the microwave pouches, prepare dinner in the microwave in the direction of the top and stir into the pan with the greens – ensure you examine the syns though
  • Stop ruining your pans with Fry Mild! All it does is evaporate off and depart a sticky, gungy mess. Use considered one of these as an alternative
  • No-one has time for dicing a carrot so can we what we did – use a julienne peeler, and then merely slice throughout to get straightforward, small diced bits
  • Yow will discover cajun seasoning in most grocery store along with the herbs and spices, however to be trustworthy any spice mix you will have gathering mud will do. We’ve carried out this with piri-piri and fajita mixes and it comes out simply nearly as good!
  • WE HAVE A BLOODY COOKBOOK COMING OUT REMEMBER! Yessss: click here for sexiness!
  • Any meat will do on this should you haven’t received any steak – diced hen and pork work especially nicely, and even sausages! Divvn’t be shy, pet.

Cuisine cajun

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